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How do you solve a problem like getting VST’s into Reason?

VST's into Reason-mainSo, how do you solve a problem like getting VST’s into Reason, without ointment or Andrew Lloyd Webber? We explore five different ways in which third party music making applications and Reason can come into alignment. Although this is a general overview and not a step by step guide, there are some hints and tips for each method to help you if you decide to go that route.

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Propellerhead Update Their Rig Bundles To V2

Propellerhead Update Their Rig BundlesIn recent News; Propellerhead update their Rig bundles to version 2, giving each a major shot in the arm. Each Rig now contains more devices and at an eye watering discount too, buy just one of the Rigs and you’ll save around $1000 against the cost of purchasing everything individually.

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Quick Tip – Parallel Processing For Width

Parallel Processing For WidthIn this tip we’ll show you how you can use parallel processing to give the illusion of extra width. This tip works well on any stereo sounds such as pads, strings and keys, you might even get away with it on the occasional full EDM mix. We say occasional, as this technique may highlight some of the elements of your mix in a way that throws off your carefully crafted balance.

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